Guitarist, Composer, Arranger

One of the greatest Italian Flamenco guitarists.
Since childhood he’s passionate about listening jazz, Brazilian and Flamenco music. He started learning and playing guitar at twelve years old with his father. In 1983 he continued his studies of classical guitar under the guidance of M° Mario Gangi.
At the age of fourteen years old attends a concert of Paco de Lucia;this event excites him so much that reinforce his determination in the study of the instrument.

In 1990 he graduated with full marks at the Conservatory Santa Cecilia of Roma with M° Giuliano Balestra.
Simultaneously to

 classical studies became interested in Jazz Guitar and Flamenco.
He studied jazz improvisation with Umberto Fiorentino at the University of Music in Roma (90-92).
He attended MasterClass with Frank Gambale playing with him in the final Jam sessions.
In 1993 he continued his studies of flamenco guitar in Spain specializing with the M° Parrilla de Jerez.
In later years he attended some of the most famous Flamenco guitarists such as Gerardo Nuñez,Manuel Cañizares, El Viejin, Enrique de Melchòr e Niño Josele.
He composes original songs merging various musical genres, jazz, Latin and Flamenco.
From 1993 onwards, he starts a series of musical collaborations at multiple formations, playing a repertoire of his own composition.
He works in Flamenco with internationally renowned artists as Juan Ortega, Irma Perez, Joaquin Ruiz,La Presy, Ana Romero, Josè Ruiz, El Lebri, Kelian Jimenez, Jeromo, Manuel Betanzos , Elena Santonja,Josè Toral, El Pico, Salvador Monje, Felipe Mato, La Chiqui de Jerez, Ramon Ruiz.
He also composed the music for several Italian companies of Flamenco Dance.
His talent, now recognized internationally, will take him to record as a solo artist for several Pop artists, emphasizing the flamenco guitar.
Pino Daniele, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, GinoVannelli, Alessandro Safina – Elton John,Vittorio Grigolo, Jennifer Lopez, Tony Renis, Massimo Ranieri, Garou, Ana Belen, Niky Nicolai, Michael Kleitman, Jeanne Mas, Gigi D’Alessio – Lara Fabian, Anna Tatangelo.
He record for the soundtracks of Luis Bakalov,Nicola Piovani, Paolo Buonvino, Umberto Scipione, Manuel De Sica, Emanuele Bossi, Paolo Vivaldi.
He composes with M° Emanuele Bossi and M° Fernando Alba soundtracks for Mediaset fiction“Benvenuti a Tavola 1 e 2” and “Matrimoni ed Altre follie”(2015).
Realizes with  Fabrizio Palma all the arrangements of the songs of Domenico Modugno in RAI Fiction “Volare” of Beppe Fiorello.
Records and Arranges with M° Valerio Calisse on the last Album of the Tenor Michael Kleitman”Formula De Amor” 2014.
In collaboration with Marco Conidi and Valerio Calisse writes the soundtrack for the film “Ovunque Tu Sarai”(2016) coming soon at Cinemas.
Currently he alternates between composing movie soundtracks
and live performances.





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