Chitarra classica con tavola armonica bombata.

Diapason 650mm.

Larghezza del manico al capotasto 52,5mm,

Larghezza del manico al XII tasto 63mm.

Spessore del manico al capotasto 21mm

Spessore del manico al IX tasto 23mm

Tavola armonica in abete, fondo e fasce in palissandro India, manico in mogano, tastiera in ebano.

Meccaniche Alessi tuning machine

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Classical concert guitar with arched soundboard.

Diapason 650mm.

neck width at nut 52,5mm,

neck width at  XII tasto 63mm.

neck thickness at nut 21mm

neck thickness at  IX tasto 23mm

sound board is made of spruce,back and side is indian rosewood, neck mahogany, fingerboard ebony.

tuners Alessi tuning machine

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