The Luthier

Davide Serracini

I was born in 1978 in Rome, Italy.

Graduated from the Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano, I learned from the masters Lorenzo Lippi, Tiziano Rizzi and Aldo lllotta techniques for the construction of plucked musical instruments, and the philological method used in the study and reconstruction of ancient and modern instruments.

First of all I took inspiration by  Antonio De Torres, Renè Lacote, Johann Georg  Stauffer and Hermann Hauser, then I continued developing a personal line of technology, functionality, simplicity and elegance. Every instrument is unique.

Every guitar is different from the others because I like to create time after time new instruments leaving inspiration to guide the hands, choosing  different decorations and shapes when I feel it’s the right way

The current plans for the steel string  guitars are aimed at creating instruments ready, with a high volume and comfortable. The fanned fret fingerboard is largely used because it brings comfort  and  easy playing: it’s not an extreme fan, (644mm to 660mm for standard model, 690mm to 710mm for baritone guitar). Furthermore I use to pay great attention to a balanced sound on all frequencies, a sound that is “round”, warm and deep, brilliant on high frequencies.

All guitars are made with the “Spanish” method, so the neck is one with the body, so it’s stable over time. It’s reinforced not only by the double action truss rod but also by two converging carbon fiber bars.