L 0014 Fan Fret


I started to build the L00 some years ago, first time it was a 13 frets to body, then I developed the project on a 14 frets to body. Both ways work very well with the same unique feature of multiscale, slightly fanned it shows like a “short” scale 635mm – 650mm, but you could […]

Decacorde Marina K. sign.

I can’t but define it a modern Classical Decacorde. First thing that catch the eyes is a kind of cutaway I designed for a very special player. Second one is surely the one a of kind headstock I made as light as I could, both in weight and to look. The body features a slightly […]

Lab Guitar

Lab Guitar I’m very proud of this kind of Harp-guitar. It was a long way through experiments and mistakes to follow the  feelings, ideas and inspiration of the  guitar wizard-composer Pino Forastiere. We first  modified an old 6 strings guitar adding 4 basses, then 6 trebles, marimba and others toys like that. Then before it […]

Grand Auditorium

Grand Auditorium The GA is the most rated guitar of my production, maybe because it’s the most versatile model, great voice, deep basses, solid mids, brilliant trebles and every note is clear. Moreover playability is on an high level because of the thin neck (20 to 22mm) and very low action (1,6mm to 2,0mm). String […]

Grand Auditorium (luca stricagnoli sign.)

Grand Auditorium (Limited Edition) I designed this special kind of GA “thinking at”/”in collaboration” with the magician of the modern fingerstyle guitar  Luca Stricagnoli. Multiscale,cutaway, light and strong, very easy to play also standing up,  with a sharp sound on all frequencies, adaptable to open tunings Measurements Body Size: Grand Auditorium Scale length: 660 mm […]

Concerto Model (cedar top)

Concerto model (cedar top) The Cedar top on this guitar is powered by the marvellous pattern designed by the great  french luthier Daniel Friederich. Super light and responsive it pushes out deep bass and a very clear trebles for a cedar top. Easy to play with its low action, 28″ radius fingerboard (longitudinal curve adjustable […]

Studio model

Studio model Body Size: standardScale length: 650 mm Nut Width: 52,5 mmBridge String Spacing: 58 mmBody Length: 475 mm Upper Bout: 267 mmLower Bout: 349 mmBody Depth at Neck Heel: 95 mm.Body Depth at Tail Block: 105 mm.Frets to body: 12 Back/Sides: Indian Rosewood Top Wood: Italian SpruceFingerboard: EbonyNeck Wood: Mahogany Bridge: Indian Rosewood Rosette: Natural and coloured wood […]

Gran Concerto (adjustable neck)

Grand Concerto (adjustable neck) Body Size: standard Scale length: 650 mm Nut Width: 52,5 mm Bridge String Spacing: 58 mm Body Length: 475 mm Upper Bout: 267 mm Lower Bout: 349 mm Body Depth at Neck Heel: 88 mm. Body Depth at Tail Block: 110 mm. Frets to body: 12 Back/Sides: Madagascar Rosewood Top Wood: […]


Baritone Body Size: Baritone Scale length: 710 mm (6th string) 690 mm (1st string) Nut Width: 43 to 47 mm Bridge String Spacing: 57 mm Body Length: 525 mm Upper Bout: 291 mm Lower Bout: 402 mm Body Depth at Neck Heel: 95 mm. Body Depth at Tail Block: 115 mm. Frets to body: 14 […]